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Serenity is powered by a vertically integrated technology stack that enables us to efficiently turn data and intelligence into medically actionable preventative guidance for members.

Genomics Cloud

The vastly larger file sizes generated and used in deep genomics required a redesigned data infrastructure vs. conventional sequencing. Serenity uses a proprietary software infrastructure that connects a new database system, improved signal processing and analytical tools to accelerate data processing by over 1,000X vs. conventional systems.

The Alpha Lab

The Alpha Lab is Serenity's Portland genomics R&D and processing facility. Multiple clinical trials at The Alpha Lab continue to provide us with valuable insights into early cancer detection patterns and cell-free DNA.

The Apollo Matrix

The Apollo Matrix generates over 10 billion data points per patient. This data is generated across genomic sequencing, personal medical history, family medical history, blood panels, and millions of medical research publications. Apollo's massive data set is the foundation for seeing each individual's health in high-definition and translated into actionable and meaningful medical intelligence.

Pattern Recognition Unit

Serenity's Berlin-based bioinformatics and data lab specializes in identifying possible patterns that signal cancer or other diseases using a new generation of genomics-based AI. Through customized feature engineering systems, classical machine learning algorithms and a new form of deep learning, Serenity can deliver some of the most effective disease detection capabilities in modern medicine.