Your future is bright. Protect it.

The ultimate preventive care experience with SERENITY COMPLETE

A new kind of preventive medicine, engineered to help you live healthier, longer

Preventive medicine that protects and extends your life

Cancer, heart attacks, strokes and metabolic diseases have a over 50% chance of killing you. But over half of this risk can be removed through personalized preventive protection. Serenity is the world’s most sophisticated system of medical protection.

Borsky, Zhan, et al. Few Americans Receive All High-Priority, Appropriate Clinical Preventive Services. Health Affairs (2018)

We make the process effortless for you

Step 1

Meet with a Serenity MD and Genetic Counselor for a personalized consultation

Step 2

Convenient at-home sample collection and nurse visit

Step 3

Processing and analysis using the most advanced technologies

Step 4

Review your personal health protection system with the Serenity Medical team

What's included in Complete

  • Early cancer detection liquid biopsy testing
  • Our liquid biopsy test detects early tumor signals in the blood with scientifically demonstrated single-molecule sensitivity
  • Detects signals at early stages across most major tumor types, including lung, breast, colon, pancreatic, liver, kidney, prostate, bladder
  • Signals from 48 total cancer types detected
  • At-home sample collection
  • Comprehensive Whole Exome Sequencing across 20,000 genes, including
  • Hereditary Oncology panel
  • Hereditary Cardiovascular panel
  • Universal carrier screening panel
  • CLIA certified clinical grade genetics assay, including SNP, indel
  • Pharmacogenomic testing
  • Our pharmacogenomic analysis provides personal insight regarding critical genetic drug efficacy and personal risk for 681 prescription drugs
  • Captures dangerous side effects and efficacy problems before drugs are prescribed
  • All known FDA-approved gene-drug interactions, high-evidence CPIC, and PharmGKB recommendation labels covered
  • Diabetes detection panel
  • Advanced lipids panel
  • Advanced blood panel
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel
  • At-home sample collection
  • Concierge Genetic Counselor pre-test consultation to learn more about personal hereditary insight and risk
  • Comprehensive medical intake and family history assessment
  • Guidance regarding genetic hereditary cancer, metabolic, and cardiovascular predispositions
  • General family planning insights and potential genetic predispositions
  • Counseling on medication risk concerns
  • Concierge MD pre-test consultation to learn more about personal insights and recommendations
  • Comprehensive medical intake and family history assessment
  • Tailored recommendations for cancer and preventive care screenings relevant to your personal medical history
  • Guidance regarding abnormal and/or elevated results and next-step recommendations
  • Comprehensive medical intake and family history assessment
  • SERENITY Medical Intelligence report by a specialized Genetic Counselor and MD, including
  • Individual cancer signal findings with tumor type association
  • Comprehensive clinical genetics report across all panels, including:

  • Pathogenic and likely pathogenic genetic variants found
  • Variants of unknown significance, highlighted in accordance with patient’s personalized risk profile
  • Personalized risk assessment
  • Customized patient action plan based on results with recommendations for preventive health

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