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Full service preventive care

At-home cancer screening

Annual preventive care telemedicine visit

Care coordination & concierge support

Full scheduling support

Provider search assistance

Preventive care reminders

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$20/mo. | billed annually

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Service Details

  • Care and concierge support from a dedicated case manager through text, call or email preference
  • Full support in appointment scheduling around your calendar with preferred or new doctors
  • Full support in new provider search within network for your exact needs 
  • Reminders for upcoming preventive care needs
  • In-depth medical and family history assessment
  • Tailored recommendations for cancer and preventive care screenings relevant to your personal medical history
  • Guidance regarding abnormal and/or elevated results
  • Action plan for next steps and recommendations for preventive health
  • At-home FIT test for colon cancer screening
  • Follow-up physician telemedicine visit for next steps and recommendations as needed