Core Diagnostics (Monthly Payments)

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  • Diabetes detection panel
  • Advanced lipids panel
  • Advanced blood panel
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel
  • At-home sample collection

  • Comprehensive medical intake and family history assessment
  • Concierge MD post-test consultation
  • SERENITY Medical Intelligence report by specialized MD, including
    • Personalized risk assessment
    • Customized patient action plan based on results with recommendations for preventive health


Core Diagnostics offers a comprehensive health analysis designed to give you valuable insights into your health. We provide tests for diabetes, advanced lipids, advanced blood, and metabolic panels, with at-home sample collection for convenience. Additionally, we conduct a thorough medical analysis, including a consultation with a concierge MD and a SERENITY Medical Intelligence report prepared by a specialized MD. With Core Diagnostics, you'll have the tools you need to take proactive steps towards improving your health.