Hereditary Genetic Solution

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  • Comprehensive Whole Exome Sequencing across 20,000 genes, including
  • Hereditary Oncology panel
  • Hereditary Cardiovascular panel
  • Universal carrier screening panel
  • CLIA certified clinical grade genetics assay, including SNP, indel


  • Comprehensive medical intake and family history assessment
  • Concierge Genetic Counselor pre-test and post-test consultation including a personalized risk assessment
  • SERENITY Medical Intelligence report by a Genetic counselor, including
    • Comprehensive clinical genetics report across all panels, including
      • Pathogenic and likely pathogenic genetic variants found
      • Variants of unknown significance, highlighted in accordance with the patient’s personalized risk profile
    • Customized patient action plan based on results with recommendations for preventive health


Our Hereditary Genetic Solution is a comprehensive genetic testing service that empowers you to take control of your health. With our Hereditary Risk Analysis, we use cutting-edge whole exome sequencing technology to analyze over 20,000 genes, including our Hereditary Oncology panel, Hereditary Cardiovascular panel, and Universal carrier screening panel, to identify your risk of hereditary diseases. Our Comprehensive Medical Analysis includes a personalized risk assessment, concierge genetic counselor pre-test and post-test consultations, and a SERENITY Medical Intelligence report that provides a comprehensive clinical genetics report and a customized patient action plan with recommendations for preventive health. With our focus on precision medicine, you will have the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your health and well-being.