Medication Risk Solution

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  • Pharmacogenomics testing
  • Our pharmacogenomics analysis provides personal insight regarding critical genetic drug efficacy and personal risk for 681 prescription drugs
  • Captures dangerous side effects and efficacy problems before drugs are prescribed
  • All known FDA-approved gene-drug interactions, high-evidence CPIC, and PharmGKB recommendation labels covered


  • Comprehensive medical intake and family history assessment
  • Concierge Genetic Counselor post-test consultation
  • SERENITY Medical Intelligence report by a specialized Genetic Counselor, including
    • FDA and CPIC approved guidelines in accordance with the patient's metabolizing phenotype
    • Personalized risk assessment
    • Customized patient action plan based on results with recommendations for preventive health


Discover a personalized approach to medication management with Medication Risk Solution. Our pharmacogenomic testing analyzes your genetic makeup to determine the efficacy and personal risk of 681 prescription drugs, including all known FDA-approved gene-drug interactions, high-evidence CPIC, and PharmGKB recommendation labels. Our comprehensive medical analysis includes a thorough intake and family history assessment, with a concierge genetic counselor available for post-test consultation. Our SERENITY Medical Intelligence report, created by a genetic counselor, offers a personalized risk assessment and patient action plan based on results, including recommendations for preventive health. Trust Medication Risk Solution to help you manage your prescriptions with confidence.