Cancer Detection Solution (Monthly Payments)

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  • Early multi-cancer detection liquid biopsy testing
    • Our liquid biopsy test detects early tumor signals in the blood with scientifically demonstrated single-molecule sensitivity
    • Detects signals at early stages across most major tumor types, including lung, breast, colon, pancreatic, liver, kidney, prostate, bladder
    • Signals from 48 total cancer types detected
  • At-home sample collection

  • Comprehensive medical intake and family history assessment
  • Concierge MD pre-test and post-test consultation
  • SERENITY Medical Intelligence report by specialized MD, including
    • Individual cancer signal findings with tumor type association
    • Personalized risk assessment
    • Customized patient action plan based on results with recommendations for preventive health


Our Cancer Detection Solution provides a powerful tool for early detection of tumor signals in the blood with single-molecule sensitivity, covering 48 total cancer types. With at-home sample collection and a comprehensive medical analysis that includes personalized risk assessment and a customized patient action plan, we make it easy and convenient to take control of your health. Our specialized SERENITY Medical Intelligence report provides individual cancer signal findings with tumor type association, a personalized risk profile, and a risk assessment, allowing you to stay ahead of potential health concerns. Trust us to provide the most comprehensive liquid biopsy test on the market, and take the first step toward a healthier you today.