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Serenity helps you uncover your hereditary risks, optimize your medication, detect diseases early and improve your overall health.

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Don’t guess. Protect your health Complete-ly

SERENITY COMPLETE, our premium service gives you a complete view of your real-time health.

Early disease detection and prevention, convenient medical visits at home, or a location of your choice.

Take charge of your well-being with a customized protection plan

Navigate preventive care with ease. We pinpoint your missing preventive measures, create a scientifically sound plan, and guide you to completion.

Ensure optimal health with our personalized preventive care services

Serenity Complete

For individuals who want to take charge of their health and wellness. With cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive suite of tests, Serenity Complete provides a complete picture of your health and helps identify potential health risks. This means that you can take proactive steps to maintain optimal health and wellness, and stay ahead of any health challenges that may arise.

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Cancer Detection Solution

Designed to protect you against cancer. Ideal for those who want to monitor their cancer risk proactively or who have a family history of cancer. This non-invasive solution goes beyond standard care. Get an in-depth view of your health and stay ahead of cancer.

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Core Diagnostics

For individuals who want the next layer of insight into their overall care. A full-spectrum checkup, including diabetes, lipid, and metabolic panels, to give you a complete picture of your health. Discover your risk of heart disease, stroke, and other health issues with a personalized protection plan for optimal wellness.

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Hereditary Genetic Solution

For individuals who want to take control of their genetic health and unlock the secrets of their DNA. Get a comprehensive look at your genome and gain valuable insights into your health. Empower yourself to make informed decisions and take control of your genetic future.

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Medication Risk Solution

For those looking for a personalized approach to medication management, tailored to your unique genetics for optimal treatment, dosing, and fewer side effects.

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MD Consultation

Our MD consultation is for patients who want to proactively manage their health and detect potential health issues early on. Consultations provide personalized, non-invasive testing recommendations, and advice to help detect and prevent cancerous, hereditary, metabolic, and cardiovascular diseases. Meet with specialized doctors who offer a comprehensive approach to health and well-being, helping achieve and maintain optimal health.

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Genetic Consultation

Our genetic consultation is ideal for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of their hereditary health risks. With personalized insights, family planning advice, and medication risk counseling, you can make informed decisions and take control of your well-being.

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